Yota Wheels

Welcome to Yota Wheels.

Yota is proud to offer you an awesome set of wheels at a great value.
Our wheels are produce by flowforming technology, therefore they are super light and durable.


We stock an extensive range of wheels with various diameters, widths, bolt patterns and offset , making it possible for nearly everyone to find suitable of fitment styles options for tucked titment, flush fitment, poke fitment and stance fitment.


All models are TPMS friendly and meet or exceed all current alloy wheel production standards. Please look around, drop us a line or contact your favorite dealer to get your ride hooked up right away.


Hybrid Forged (Flow Forming) technology is one of the most advanced wheels manufacturing technologies in the industry, that combines the characteristics of casting, forging, compressing, and rolling. Hybrid Forged process involves the application of high pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while spinning. This process stretches and compresses the aluminum, it has drastic impact on rigidity, strength, and lightweight of wheels.